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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remember when....

I said that this year was turning bad? Here is it the end of Janaury and I am back in Zurich for the whole week. I drove down yesterday and will be here until Friday. Oh joy of joys =) I brought some crochet and knitting with me, but odds are not high that I will have time to get anything done - I am going to be swamped I fear!

I have a ton of photos to share, but unfortunately no time to download right now. I did finish my Booga Bag finally....Well the bag is finished. I still need to do the handles. I am not so happy with the bag - it really curls badly. I can hope that felting will solve that problem; but for some reason I think it will make it worse and just felt the curl in on itself =(

I also finished some other small little projects and made some decent headway on others. I am liking this little bit at a time approach although I do keep starting new projects all the time and not finishing very much. Stash busting is coming along though. I am working on a baby hat for a friend with some stash yarn.

Okay, work is calling. Will update everyone soon with pictures and more.


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