Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bad weather? Hit it all

Well, my trip home from Zürich was a rather exciting drive. I ended up getting home at 12:30, 2 hours later than planned.

Reasons for the delay?

Well, first of all, you name some bad weather and I hit it all!

Rain - check
High Winds - check
Ice - check
Hail - check
Freezing Rain - check
Sleet - check
Light snow - check
Snow so hard you could not see very far in front of you - check

A second reason is that my GPS system sent me the wrong way not once but twice. Not sure what she was thinking.

And the last main reason, my low oil light came on causing an emergency pit stop to buy a jug to pour into the car.

I had to use the restroom during the pit stop but the gas station did not have one (huh?) and unlike the guys I saw going ,next to their cars I did not think that was an option for me so I was doing a little dance in my car the last 15 minutes of the drive. If I had hit any more slow downs it would have been a very bad thing.

I literally ran into the apartment. Used the restroom, took my contacts out and passed out on the bed. I think that the boy friend was a little bit upset that I did not even take the time to say "hello how was your week" before I was out cold. I vaguely remember grunting err murmuring a hello but that was all that I managed before succumbing to sleep.

So now here it is Sunday evening and I must say that I have not had time to do any crafting at all this weekend. Saturday was spent shopping, and then cleaning and cooking for a dinner party for some friends who live in the building. I just did some Mexican food up but it was well appreciated. The comments were "ooohhh I've eaten too much...well maybe just a little bit more." "I can not move" "Please tell me there is no desert"

Crafting updates will be coming soon.....


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What a drive! Glad you made it home safe and with dry drawers!