Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just popping in to say "hi"

Things are slowly starting to slow down for me at work so hopefully I will have more time on my hands soon....although since my most recent spare time has been taken up by Meti begging me to play the Wii with him, I don't know when that time will materialize.

I am still living in Belgium - have not found a job yet back in the US to transfer to. Mainly due to there not being any open, and not me being picky. I am thinking that I will be here now through January or February - hopefully long enough for me to take a ski trip this year somewhere nice. I really would like to ski again, but we shall see if it happens or not.

I have been crocheting and knitting, although mainly all as a pattern tester for unreleased patterns so I can not show anything....will post once they are released though!

On the needles currently is a scarf in Malabrigo, but I am not liking something about it - not sure if its the colorway or the pattern I choose.

I did finish the Ball-Band Swiffer Cover:

And finally finished my Fat-bottom bag, although it does still need to be lined:

I've also finished some small instant gratification projects but they have all been given to home without pictures being taken. I am sure I'll be making more, so pics will be coming!

I hope that everyone has been doing well!


kathy said...


KimT said...

nice work on the FBB. Love the color.

Vera H. said...

I want to make both projects.

Pyo said...

hi there!
Don't you have this impression no matter how many projects you finish there are always too many in progress?

and with Xmas coming up, this is not likely to change!