Monday, June 13, 2011

Beading continues!

I continueto find time to bead...even if I rarely pick up my hooks and needles these days. Total lack of interest....I was in the middle of working on a set of play yarn food for the boyfriend mike's niece when he decided to split with me...since then no yarn at all....will start again I promise :)

Darling Vik is visiting from Buenos Aries...the necklace set pictures above will be returning with her to argentina as I gifted her the set. I hope she enjoys it!

No other news here...will be taking Vik shipping to come!
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islandwitch said...

where did you find such beautiful butterflies?

Mimi said...

Lovely set, I'm sure will be very charming on the wearer...
I saw some of your fun pics with Vik on FB :)

Vik said...

Here I am! The lucky one with that beautiful butterflies set! Thank you my dear friend Kim!