Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crochet you ask?

Sigh that is right...this is supposed to be a craft /crochet blog, and yet lately, that has been far from my life.

I did buy a new book of crochet food....will be working on those shortly.

I've also started back on that darn star afghan...reminds me someone what I was thinking on this thing! Lol

Made another bead necklace and earring set....future owner uncertain, picture to come!

Happy crafting!
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Megan said...

What book are you crocheting / reading? Is it Tasty Crochet? I have that one and love it!

Vik said...

We had not enough time at all to sit down and crochet together! Thank you my dear friend Kim for your hospitality and for all the programs you made for me, and for taking me everywhere!!! Miss you.