Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February already?

The year is flying by once again! Then again it usually does when one is happy and keeping busy!

Beau is keeping me busy, along with Steve's dog Lil'Bear...I will not say they are best buddies, but they are getting along...more so now then at the beginning!  Having 2 dogs makes me almost want a third one...will wait though...Lil'Bear is 14 now, so in a few years will most likely pass away...will consider getting another dog then!

Crafting right now consists of working on a baby blanket for a co worker who is expecting a little girl soon. making a simple squares blanket, 2 sets of basic squares and then a third set of squares with a star pattern on them...pattern from a ball band.

I leave you with 2 of the squares, and one of Beau! Happy February!


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