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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back to crocheting!

It seems strange to have been away from the crafting world and not keeping up on all the hot "you must make this" patterns.  What are they now?  Anyone made anything recently?

I still have on my list of things to do is cleaning out the yarn stash, crafting accessories and book library.  I know I have lots of knitting magazines where, lets be honest here, I will NEVER find the time nor patience to make any of the plethora of sweaters and socks that they contain.  Will keep you all updated on this one!

I do want to start using up some of my yarn stash that I am not going to get rid of - mainly my cotton - any great dishcloth patterns you have come across recently?  I have done many of the hot patterns in the past - ballband etc and am looking for something new to try!


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