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Monday, June 06, 2005

Great time away!

I had a wonderful time away this weekend going back to Ireland and visiting my pen pal Adele (we've been writing for almost 15 years to each other now - started back in 9th grade via Air Mail letters and now via e-mails and visits). Flew into Dublin where I managed to do some shopping and buy some yarn (were you really expecting me not to find a yarn shop???) and a top or tow, visited one of my favorite pubs from when I lived in Dublin (two of my other favorites are no more - one is now a posh restaurant and the other has been bought by another person and changed into a different type of bar...just not right in my mind, but who am I to say anything!) The barman still remembers me - how could he not remember the cute American who sat in his bar almost every Sunday afternoon for almost a year???

Then I took the train up to Dungannon in the North, visited with Adeles family, went out to Cookstown for the night (ended up wandering around for 2 hours from 2-4 in the morning looking for a taxi - a memorable experience).

Saturday we went shopping up in Belfast and stayed for dinner and some drinks out in a local bar which was packed! I got drafted to Arm Wrestle a groom-to-be who was out on his stag night (bachelor party) I won - woo hoo - go American!! (probably should not say that I only won because his friends were tickling him - but a wins a win in any book right??)

Here are two pictures:

Kimberly & Adele Belfast

Have a great week!


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