Monday, June 13, 2005


thumP....thUMP...THUMP...owwww That, my dear friends, was the lovely sound of my head making contact with my desk. I just got off the phone with one of my team mates. I am now flying to Dublin (yes, again) on Wednesday night for an 8am meeting on Thursday which will go until I have to leave for the airport to catch my flight to London Heathrow (yes, again) to stay overnight to attend my Friday 9 am meeting in Compton in the lovely countryside near Newbury. I will arrive back to Brussels friday night at 8pm where I will rush home to throw everything possible into my suitcase (heaven forbid I should pack ahead of time) to catch a flight the next morning to go to the US.....I just love last minute - "one thing before you go on vacation" meetings....ARGH!!!!!

So anyways, hows your life? LOL

I've been getting these urges to create something *gasp* free form! What it will be I don't know...I am an accountant after all....and....well....we are notoriously as exciting as watching paint dry! I am not supposed to be free thinking....I am not supposed to have urges to create something...I am supposed to be anal and follow directions exactly as written, to never color out of the lines, to obey every law and be the model citizen.......screw that! I've been getting great inspiration from fellow crocheters Regina (aka Lady Linoleum), Celeste, Ro and countless others! So be on the lookout....I'm starting project "I am NOT your Normal Accountant" tonight! Oh god...what to do....the pressure....wheres my slide ruler, abacus and pocket protector when I need them???????


ladylinoleum said...

You're a leo my dear. You can break outta that accountant shell!

By the way, I am a spreadsheet jockey by day at a very large investment bank and by night inventor of homicidal veggies. Muhahahaha!

In other words it can be done girlie.

Heather said...

Words of Wisdom right there for ya Kimberly..... I love her work and can not wait to see what you come up with!!!

Free form scares me! LOL


Debi said...

You go girl!!!!!!! Let's see you go plum wild with it.

Celeste said...

I finally found your blog! Yeah!

You are too kind, Kimberly! Thank you for counting ME as an inspiration!

Hey: Julie (yarngirl)is looking for some Wendy Nirvana DK yarn in pale lavendar (#0287). I'd like to get her some - would you looking for it the next time you are at the LYS either in Belgium or Dublin or London or whatever the hell you "L" is today? No worries if you can't! Thanks!

OMG - are you an accountant?

Jessi said...

Geez sounds like you are on a whirlwind! I hope you have safe flights and tons of fun (when you can). Where are you going in the US? Can't wait to see what you do freeform...whoo!!! Go for it girl, show everyone just what an accountant has!!