Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend Crochet Update

On a scary note - I was leaving the bar last night with my really good friend Tommy, when this guy came up and started messing with Tommy. I got in his face and told him to get away and leave us alone (in French) he bumped up against Tommy again and then walked away.....with Tommy's Cell phone! Tommy went chasing after him but was not able to catch him....bad as it may be, I can only be thankful that he did not catch him - I heard on the radio today that someone else was chasing a pickpocket, and the kid pulled a knife and tried to stab the guy who was chasing him!

Okay, on the crochet front, I realize that I've not shown anything that I've been doing lately! So to rectify that one, I am having a Saturday check in. Although I've been busy and going non-stop the past two weeks, I have fit in some crochet time! Places of crocheting have included most forms of transportation, standing in line at the post office and standing at the airport waiting for a friends plane.

My first finished scarf:
5 bookmarks for the Bookmark Swap:

I have almost finished frogging one of my sweaters that had gotten an unfixable hole (or at least I decided that I could not fix it and that the sweater should be frogged and re-created into something new). I've gotten two nice skiens and one ball out of it so far, with part of the back and one sleeve left to frog and wind.

The Yarn Addicts Unite web ring continues to grow. I've found a good number of new sites to read....check some of them out by clicking on the forward and back links under the button on the right. Everyone has been showing their stash, and I promise to get a good picture of mine to flash - its grown considerably since the last picture!

WIPs - I am still working on my shawl - I think that I am about half way there as I want to make it a little bit longer than the pattern calls for. I started the May Doily of the Month over again - I think that I did something wrong with the first one, so I decided to try it again with the proper thread and see if it turns out better. I am doing it in the blue variegated, perhaps a present for my Grandmother.

Secret Pals - I sent out a package to my secret pal - can not wait to see what she thinks of it! I enlisted the help of a friend to send it for me....I'm sneaky! I received a nice package from my SP yesterday - she is being really sweet! Included was a post card from South Dakota, Juicy Fruit gum, vanilla lotion, a cute flower soap, two pattern sheets, a super soft crocheted cloth and the book - Book Lust. All are in the picture but the lotion (I left that at work to use there) and some of the gum - could not wait to start chewing! :-)

I mailed out a RAOK package today and also some yarn to Heather who is being awesome and sending some yarn to do the cute pocket animals.

That about wraps it up! Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!!


Sara said...

OMG!! I'm so glad Tommy didn't get hurt. Mon dieu! (spelling?)

ladylinoleum said...

That's scary! Glad Tommy is okay.

Also glad to hear that the Yarn Addicts webring is growing. Cool!

Debi said...

How freaky! I'm so glad that neither of you were hurt!!!

I took my son to Mexico on a mission trip for his graduation. Walking thru town one evening, he said, "mom, someone just grabbed my butt". Thankfully, our missionary guide had already warned Nick to carry his wallet in his front pants pocket. You can never be too careful.

Rosesandtea said...

I was just coming to ask you how your fun fur projects are coming, and I see the nice scarf on your page!
Great job!

Bookmarks are very nice too.

I'm glad your friend was not hurt.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy! And, yeah, that does sound scary - but a cell phone is a cheap price to pay for not getting stabbed!

Glad you liked the parcel. Have fun with it!

Your secret pal

Kimberly said...

Mon Dieu! is right Sara! I agree SP - the cell phone is a small price to pay! I always thought that area was safe to go around in - now I know better and will take better care in the future and not let people even get near me before I start yelling at them to "Laissez-moi tranquille! Ne touche pas!" (Leave me alone. Don't touch!)