Monday, March 06, 2006

Is it almost Monday already?

Where oh where did my weekend go? Its time for bed on Sunday night and I have gotten very little accomplished this weekend in terms of crocheting! Okay, I might have been busy elsewhere - my bedroom and bathroom are spotless, my kitchen has not a single dirty glass to be found, 8 loads of laudry washed, dried AND put away, yarn organized and put away, patterns organized and into binders, bookshelves redone, wardrobes organized.....PLUS a full days of work on the computer finishing the reports for my new job that need to go out tomorrow. Until I turned my computer on this morning to start working, I had not had it on. I am a bit behind in blog reading, but I promise to try and catch up - many thanks to everyone who has left comments on my felted bag!

I am off to Zurich again on Tuesday and Wednesday this week! I have several deadlines and items that need to be taken care of for the new job so that the "boys" can do all of the work while I am sitting by the pool in Florida drinking a margarita or two. My flight departs on Saturday, I have not even started to pack yet, but I have become very proficent at packing everything the night before.....if not the morning of! LOL

Zori arrives back from Argentina tomorrow! I can not believe that it has been almost 3 months since I last saw her! We have plans to go to dinner tomorrow, and then go out on Friday night.....I had best plan on having my suitcases packed before I go out on has all the signs of being a late night out!

I am off to bed - I hope that everyone had a great weekend!


Jenny Moore said...

Sounds like you've been a busy little bee! Good luck with the transfer of jobs.

Anonymous said...

You accomplished much more than I over the weekend!

Take care,

Your SP

Debi said...

You're so busy, you've made me tired just reading! Hope all goes well with your new job!

Susan said...

Glad you're back. Missed you!