Friday, March 31, 2006

Stop writing!!!!!!

Sheesh people! Give a girl some time to recover! I am still going through bloglines, but as fast as I can find time to read my numbers go back up! I was down around 600 but after being in Zurich the past 2 days its back up to 721!!! I can not win!

What I have found out is that I have missed a fair amount of drama. WTF! Play nicely folks!

Zurich is going good - I left my house yesterday at 5:45 in the morning to catch y flight and make it to the office by 9am.....I left work and went right to the 11:15pm and was back in to work a little before 8 this morning! Insane! I am working a ton of hours! I decided to take 15 minutes to myself, post this, read a few blogs, and then its back to work!

I am meeting Kim later tonight once she gets in from Italy, so I will probably work late tonight as well! Not sure yet what the weekend will bring.....have to wait and see I guess! Some shopping, some food (most likely cheese fondue!) and lots of laughter! Oh! Lets not forget the wine! =)

I finished another flower while waiting for my plane this morning! I am getting there!

*waves* and *hugs* to everyone!

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Pyo said...

hi! (just waving back)