Tuesday, April 04, 2006

*yawn* please tell me its Friday

I am never going to make it until Friday! As many of you know I've been juggling life, work, friends and family for months now. Well it has all kinda hit the fan with my new job and my juggling balls have all hit the ground at least once as I struggle to keep them all going. Yes, I know that I should be all relaxed and ready to go after my vacation, but I have walked back in to a war zone in the cubical trenches. Okay, we don't have cubicals in Europe, but if we did I would be in one at this exact moment!

Many of you do not know what my life was life a year and a half ago. I was literally working 15 hour days plus some time on the weekends. I was making myself sick. One reason why, even though I loved my job and the people I worked with, I was happy when I had that chance to walk into a new position during restructuring. I wonder what I was thinking when I agreed to come back and work for this same group!! Okay, its a different role in a different business, but the business has issues that need solving after several months of neglect while the prior person in this role was having a breakdown. What does that mean? Lots of hours and lots of stress!

I even had another fun visit to the commune today to straighten out my residence card and of course even that did not go right since it seems that my file is all messed up! the file is being sent to the minister of foreign affairs to get sorted......so I am living here illegally right now. Wonderful! I am waiting for the police to show up and escort me to the airport and onto a plane for the US....hmmmmm....that might not be such a bad thing! LOL

I am staying in Belgium this weekend and heading off to Zurich next week for 3 days....yippee!! For Easter I am heading to the UK with Zori where we will travel around the southern part of England...I am voting for a visit to Stonehedge....We will see though!

Crocheting has been nil to none! Lazy me I know. I did finish some flower work while on the plane back from Zurich! I'll get better....just need to find some motivation I guess. But with looming flower deadlines and secret pal items to make, I had best get my booty in gear and get going!

*hugs* everyone

Pssst - bloglines update is: 892 unread blog postings *sigh*


Jessica said...

Poor Kimberly! I hope everything gets sorted out!

And really, I know it's just about blasphemy to say this, but skip Stonhenge. It's really just a bunch of rocks that you can't even get close to. And the best view is from the highway, honestly.

Visit Bath instead and go tour the Roman baths that give the city its name. They're amazing! And Coventry is a lovely city, too. Good restaurants!

Have fun!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the inputs...perhaps I'll just plan our driving adventure to take us past Stonehedge on the highway and have my camera out and ready to go! *grin*

Marvie said...

Hey there! Sheesh you have a lot of catching up to do woman! Work, vacations, all those blogs to read.... *g* you better get organized ;)