Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a week!

Its been a crazy week so far! Even weather wise! I've seen heavy rain, snow, sunshine, gray skies and blue skies, a rainbow and everything else inbetween here!

Work has been the normal insanity - I left the office for the hotel last night at a little after midnight, and here I am back in the office this morning before 9! We are working on our quarterly operating report that we give to the head honchos back in the is my first time putting this report together, so it is sure to be an interesting exercise!

I did manage to sneak in some crochet time on Monday night in the hotel - started on a Secret Pal project and did a little bit on a flower design I am working on (I've gotten bored with the other patterns I was using).

I have woken up the past two nights at 5am for some unknown reason. Both night, wide awake at 5 am wondering if it is time to get up yet (thankfully its not) and then struggling to fall back asleep. Not sure if its the unfamiliar bed, or just the normal hotel noises that are waking me up! I normally don't have a problem sleeping in hotels - if its a bed, I can sleep on it. From the hardest mattress to a super soft feather mattress and even a waterbed - put me in it and I'll pass right out. Its a good thing when I consider the number of hotels I've slept in the past few years!


goldi said...

You've been one busy little bee I see! Don't feel too bad about falling behind on your bloglines - I am perpetually behind. There are only so many hours in the day, and between reading slow and having a computer with connection issues, well, let's just say I've had to accept that I'll never catch up. Heck, I can't even keep up with my own blog!

I love your travel pics, what a marvelous opportunity you have for visiting some wondrous-looking places - I'm GREEN with envy! So sorry to hear you are having to work so hard, but I see you've been playing hard too (loved that stein shot, lol!). Don't know if you've still got your little comment contest going - I'm late to the party as usual, lol! But happy blogiversary to you anyway, and here's to many more!

Jenny Moore said...

Wow - word does sound insane! Good luck getting everything done in time, and try to get some sleep!