Thursday, April 13, 2006

Its a conspiracy!!!

Crazy I tell you! As you know, I stepped into my current position to fill in for a guy who is out on medical leave and as a temp until the new manager that they hired started in May. I am in Zurich this week for our Quarterly Operating Review where we discuss with the head honchos back in the US the first part of the year results and our forecast (expectations) for the rest of the year. During the course of the past 3 days I have been approached by 3 people enquiring if I wanted to consider making my stay here permanent, including by my temporary boss last night at 11pm as I was leaving the office when he mentioned that the guy I am filling in for is in all probability not coming back.

Today during a meeting with the vice-president of the business I am working for, the VP came out and point blank asked me to stay and what it would take. Although he did not want to put pressure on me (yeah right). I said that I would consider it, and he mentioned that the Finance VP would be talking to me as well as another person or two!

Its a big giant conspiracy to get me to work in this group I tell ya! I refused the offer point blank a year ago (I think that the exact words were 'Is he smoking crack? Tell him to "F" off!' when my boss mentioned the offer to get my reaction which he seconded) and now they have slyly moved me into it and are pushing to make it permanent!

So I guess I need to consider my options. I would not mind moving to Zurich, but the end of the day question comes down to how long! I have not found a position back in the US that I like, and I have been bored in the past months before stepping in here......we shall see I guess!


Bron said...

Congratulations! There's no better position to be in that having people desperate to have you work for them. And Zurich! What fun! You lucky, lucky (and pretty darn smart!) girl. :::sigh:::

Marvie said...

Heheh at least you know you're wanted *g*

MrsFife said...

Now that's a difficult position to be in! Europe vs home!

Anonymous said...

What a great compliment to have mgmt conspiring to keep you around. Working in Europe offers much opportunity to travel in Europe. When else will you be able to travel around so easily? Taking the job now doesn't mean you need to stay forever, but I'm sure you've considered all this. :) Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

DAD said...

More to the point, your comfortable over there. Also do not believe you have put that great of an effort to finding a job stateside. I think the search has been hit and miss. IF you stay youi best get BIG BUCKS or this could turn out to be a big WHAMMY. I'm glad they think so highly of you over there but have them put up or your HOME.