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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Blogversary To Me!

Wow! A year of blogging! I can not believe that it has been that long already! I still can not remember how I came across blogs and blogger exactly. I think it was via a friends homepage, but that memory is looooong gone! I do remember in that first day of blog exploring stumbling across Amy's blog and thinking how cool it was that Crocheters had blogs (I had only been crocheting for about 3 months at that time). I then discovered Crochetville and found more and more blogs about Crocheting. I started my non-crochet blog first and then figured that I really should split them into two blogs and voila! The City of Crochet was born!

In case you missed yesterdays post, I am having a little comment contest in honor of my Blogversary! All comments left starting yesterday (Yes Lori, yesterdays comments count, including Jessicas and Pyo's who were left earlier in the day) count. For each comment, one entry is given! Comment 10 times and you have 10 chances! No One Entry Per Person or Household contests on my blog! *grin*

In reply to several of yesterday comments:

Swapna - "Okay, please make space on the bandwagon. Does a bandwagon have seats or only standing room?" I do believe that a bandwagon has both sitting and standing room areas! Heck, pile on top of one another if you must! The more the merrier!

Vera - I enjoy reading you blog as well! So glad that you like the photos of Europe - I promise to start posting more....matter of fact, here is one taken from the window of the hotel room that I had my parents stay in while they visited Paris last October! The hotel was in the Moulin Rouge area and not the nicest in Paris, but the price was right and the view was amazing!

Lori - You never know, a space ship just might improve your luck! *grin*

Thanks for the comments! Bonne Chance!


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