Friday, April 28, 2006

Off I go!!!

I am stepping into a phase of my life that I am going to call Chaos!

I leave tomorrow for 3 days to Dublin for a little escape away. I fly back late Monday night and leave for the airport again on Tuesday morning at 5:45 to go to Zurich. I will be in Zurich until Friday when I fly back because my former boss Ian is visiting in Brussels and I've arranged a big going out session.

I'll end up in France probably for 2 days the following week and then 2 days in Zurich. I'll come back for the weekend and then on Monday its back to Zurich for an all-week training course. I fly back on the Friday hopefully in time to pick Russ up at the train station as he is coming in to visit for that weekend.

And then I have a breather as I currently will actually spend the whole last week of May in Brussels, although I am sure that one will change also! :)

I really am racking up the frequent flier miles!!

The reason for the flying is still linked with the job I am temporarily in. I've almost 100% decided not to take the permanent position - I am worth more than what the director is willing to offer to me, and even his boss and his colleagues agree with me and are wondering what he is thinking even offering me what amounts to a slap in the face! I am going to basically tell him this on Tuesday morning when I arrive in Zurich, and unless he rethinks his offer I will be sticking around until June and then new guy starts and then I am done!

Okay, I have to skeedaddle and get my booty home so I can throw some laundry in the wash so I'll heave clean clothes for the next 2-3 weeks!


Jenny Moore said...

You're right, that does sound a bit like chaos! Good luck and have fun with all that travelling!

Jewels said...

Sounds like busy ordered chaos though, you must have a lot of energy!! As long as you can enjoy it, do it. Life may be too settled someday, lol.