Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Sunday!!

Well its yet another Sunday afternoon! Ian left a little bit ago for the train station. We all had a great time out on Friday reminiscing over the past times when Ian was still living here and joining us out on the town....oh the fun that we had!! We did the normal visits around Friday night. Lauren and Chas (two newbies to the gang) decided that we HAD to go to a club....we get there, and its closed!!! So they decide to go into an invite only place - way am I paying for a membership into some shit-hole that I will NEVER go back to. I made this fairly clear (I am kinda anti-clubs and avoid them like the plague - I have issues paying 10-20 euros to get into a club, listening to shit music and paying asinine prices for drinks (a coke alone would cost about 5-7 dollars at most of these places!!!!)) So we ditched them and headed down to the Cuban Bar for Mojitos and enjoyed the rest of the night!

This morning we (myself, Zori, Ian, Suzy and Vic) met up for brunch and to say farewell to Ian once again - although this time he promises to make it back a little bit sooner than a year! *grin*

I have finally finished about 20 inches on my shawl - I hit a groove last night while watching Kill Bill and cranked out about 6 repeats of the pattern. I will never be a fast knitter, but I manage to plod along and accomplish a fair amount!

Todays projects have been to update my sidebar - I've gotten rid of some non-needed buttons and links to old sites.

I also updated it with my new button that Elizabeth made for me: My New Button

Is it not fabulous?? I need to find some great picks and update my whole blog now to go with the new button theme...Paris...The City of Lights!

I am testing a shawl pattern for Melissa that I really need o get cranking on as well today. Along with finishing my Flower Swap and getting that and my Secret Pal package ready to go out in the mail this week.....I'll be able to go visit the post office finally - yippeee!!!!!!

Will try to post some pictures later today of some odds and ends as well as pics from Dublin and the UK which I have been a slacker on posting....whip me with a wet noodle will ya??


Vik said...

I can´t see the new button...

Vik said...

Oh yes, now I can! Paris at night!