Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Or at least thats what my mail told me today!

I recently read in blogland (sorry can't remember whos blog) about someone receiving a Christmas card 4 months late.

Well, I gotcha beat on that one! I opened up my mail package from the US today and I saw a card envelope from my parents (i.e. I recognized the handwriting as my mums) So I tear into and look at the front of the card going Huh? Mom must be digging into her card stash and thought that a pumpkin card would be cute to send to it up and its apologizing for being a little bit late, but generally saying 'Happy Halloween' and asking about Trick or Treating. Huh? Is this a joke?

I grab the envelope out of the trash, and start laughing when I read the opstmark.....October 27 2005! It took over 6 months to make it from Michigan to Chicago and my PO Box where it was then sent to me! As the other mail in the package is all recent, it does not appear to be a mislaid mailing from my US company!

How funny! There is hope yet for poor Cordelia's missing Yule packages it seems!! =)

So, to all of my readers, Happy Halloween! Even if it is 6 months late....or 6 months early depending on your outlook in life!



Deneen said...

Boo! to you!

Jenny Moore said...

That is too funny! I read that about the Christmas card somewhere too... lol

Mimi said...

Yes, happy halloween in May and Merry Christmas in July ;)

CraftyCritter said...

Well, I've lost all hope! Maybe there is a blogland mail curse?

Mom said...

I am glad you finally got my card honey but I didn't even realize that it had never arrived. We are still waiting for our Christmas card you sent us from Belgium in 2004!!! Never know but it may turn up in 20-30 years as stranger things have happened with the good ole postal system.