Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye....

I wish that I did have someone to wake up and say goodbye to when the taxi was outside my apartment at 5:45 this morning to take me to the airport!

I am back in Zurich again today and tomorrow. Several meetings and work sessions..... I can only hope that I leave the office tonight to go to the hotel before 10pm.....wishful thinking perhaps considering last week it was 11+!

I've been working on the Branching Out Lace scarf pattern using knit picks Gossamer in Sweet Pea. I must say that I am not liking it! I am going to work up one or two more pattern repeats to see if it looks any better, and then its frog, frog, and frog! I am liking the pattern once I got used to the new stitches. If I frog the knit picks, I am def. going to re-start it with a different yarn. I bought a mohair (Rowan Kidsilk) while in London which might look a bit better - its a solid light green color.

I am off to the first of many meetings! Talk to y'all soon!

Psst - my bloglines are once again way behind - I think that I am back up over 300, with 170 of them in the blogs that I read on a normal basis! Sheeessh! I need to work on some time mgmt skills to fit everything in! lol

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