Sunday, April 23, 2006

Catching up & Spring Cleaning

Well I am back from the UK. I had an awesome time with Zori once again! We took the Eurostar Train from Brussels through the Channel Tunnel and into London. The trip is around 2 hours, and we spent that time listening to my Ipod while Zori read a book and I worked on this wrap that I am knitting with the boucle I picked up in Ireland: Boucle Wrap

Once there we went out to Windsor and stayed the night with our former colleague Wendy. We then proceeded to grab a car and drive all over the southern part of the UK - Leeds Castle, Brighton, Portsmouth, Salsibury, Bath, back to Salisbury to see Stonehedge and then back to London. Stonehedge was amazing to see. Bath was absolutely gorgeous!

We spent the last day shopping in the UK where I visited one store that sold yarn and bought some mohair in a really pretty spring green color. I also picked up some items for my secret pal which I have to get mailed out ASAP. I'm such a slacker! Sheesh!

We finished up our trip by meeting Russ at the Wellington, a pub next to the train/metro station Waterloo. Proceeded to drink several Guinness rather quickly since we only have an hour and a half until our train! It was great to see him once again - wish that we could have spent more time together but such is life! We did finalize plans for him to come over to Brussels the weekend of the 20th....something else to look forward to!

I will draw the names of the winners of the contest this week. I tried to print the names off last week but of course my printer is down and I was not going to write down all of the entries by hand! You'll just have to wait and see! *grin*

Spring cleaning time is here. I know that I have a lot of work to do on my blog. I need to take a good look at my bloglines which is in shambles! I have only one of my lists posted here which does not show all of the blogs that I read regularly so I need to re-organize a little bit! I also want to update links etc since many are old and no longer valid.

I've been visiting many of my old on-line forums less and less lately. Just can not seem to get interested!

I have my talk with my boss on the new position on Tuesday. Will wait and see what they are willing to offer, and then I need to make some major decisions!

Okay, may everyone have a wonderful week!!!!


Jessica said...

So happy to hear you had a good time - and very happy to hear you enjoyed Bath!

Glad you're back. Now, where are pictures? :)

Mimi said...

I'm also glad you're back, Kimberly!
That knitted wrap looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished ;)

Raquel said...

Hi Kimberly
Great to know that you had a refreshing Holiday I was looking forward to some lovely pictures too

Mom said...

Hi honey,
Glad you and Zori had a great time but when you two get together there is never any doubt that you will have fun.
Do you need any help on making a decision when you talk to your boss?? :-):-) You know where our heart is but unfortunately you have to make this decision to benefit you and one that will make you happy.

Vik said...

Hi Kimberly, such a nice trip with Zori! Welcome back and good luck with your job's negotiation this week!

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