Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rested, relaxed and raring to go!

Hello everyone!

I am back from vacation all nicely tanned and ready to go! Well, okay, I am dragging my butt on the ground and praying for caffeine to jolt me into action as I am guzzling Coke and Tea by the gallon! Jet lag has hit fairly hard this time....pay backs for the no jet lag when I came back to Europe after Christmas!

Vacay was great - had a wonderful time with my family and was able to see my friend Stormy and spend time with her and her boyfriend Josh over in Tampa and Clearwater. The little ones were all excited to see Aunt Kim and were even more excited to receive their presents LOL The chocolate Kinder eggs were a big hit once again! My nephew loved Thierry the Tortue and requested that I make him a matching cape so that he could become Super Turtle! So away I went and crocheted up a blue cape for him! I wish that I had remembered to get a picture of him and Super Thierry, but I forgot! I also made a cape for his Kinder toys lol

I did very little crocheting this break - just was not in the mood.....plus the majority of my second week down was spent at the pool dangling my legs in the hot tub! I have finished about half of my flowers for the flower swap and should get the rest finished either this week or by the beginning of next week! I did go and visit Jo Anns and Walmart while I was gone and picked up some odds and ends there - stitch markers, yarns, beads etc. I was happy just to pet the yarn as I knew that I would not have much room to bring it back with me!

Oh eeekkkk!!!! I just looked at bloglines...I have 882 blog posts to read! I will never manage to read & comment on all of them!

I am working in Zurich this week Thursday and Friday - will probably think about staying over the weekend and spending time with my friend Kim.....we can once again go out on the town there and see what kind of trouble that we can get into!

Have a wonderful week everyone - Happy Crocheting and Knitting!


Vera said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a nice vacation.

Mimi said...

Welcome back, Kimberly!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!

SheCrochets said...

Welcome back! And good luck reading all those bloglines... yikes!

Angel said...

Welcome back! Missed your posts! Glad you had a good vacation... I sooo need one!

Vik said...

Nice to have you back, Kimberly! We missed you! I´m glad you had such a great vacation with family and friends!