Monday, December 04, 2006

Where is the time going?

Can you really believe that it is already December? I can not! I leave for Argentina in 5 days and I am not even close to being done with things at work, have not even completed a tenth of my Christmas list projects.

I am frantically working on scarves trying to get some of them completed. I have barely even dented my list of snowflakes and turtles to make, let alone finished the blanket and cross stitch pooh sampler for my niece. *sigh*

Last year I said that I would get a jump on the holidays....ha! Like that one happened. I could blame it entirely on my new job and all of the traveling that I've done for that, but I don't think that would be entirely accurate as I am sure time management and the number of books I've devoured errr read this year has some small part to play in my being behind!

I did get my scarf finished for my friend Kim for Christmas to give her when I see her this week. Shes been having a rough time of it as her Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, her Grandfather from the other side of her family passed away last weekend and while she was home for that funeral, one of her Aunt's passed away as well! They say that bad things happen in threes, I think that she has used up all of her 3 and hopefully the rest of this year and next year goes better for her.

Okay, I must get back to work to finish some things up and then its off to dinner with my boss and the other two Belgian based team members....tonight Sean (my boss) is taking out the Girls! I still find it amusing that his team is split in location (Brussels vs Zurich) based on gender.


Vik said...

Hi Kimberly!!! Got your e-mail and the tel number! Hey, you please won´t laugh about my strong accent talking in English? ;) I sound like the ones in the movies you laugh at! I can´t wait meeting you and Zori here! We´ll have fun together! ;))

Pink said...

Kimberly, are you sure you don't have MY ticket?