Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Okay, dinner last night was amazing! We went to a restaurant called the Belga Queen here in Brussels in the City Center and it was fantastic! I had an awesome steak (medium rare with a cool and I do mean cool red center) with a beer based bernaise sauce! My starter was shrimp croquettes - yumm as well!

My boss Sean ate the Cuckoo out of the Cuckoo clock! I never knew that there was actually a bird called the Cuckoo, but there is, and he ate it! I debated getting that one just so I could say I ate a Cuckoo! lol

I am off to Zurich in the morning for 2 days, returning late Thursday night, I will pack on Friday after work and before the bar and then its off to the airport nice bright and early on Saturday!

Kim loved her new scarf - she said that she was amazed that I was able to create something like that!


Pink said...

You really didn't know there is a bird called a cuckoo? Too funny...and I'm not being mean, I just think it's really funny!

Have a safe trip!

Yasmin said...

Hmm...sound like a good meal and fun too. I like trying different kinds of food. I didn't know that people actually ate Cuckoos!
Hey Kim, please contact me privately on yasminiajaz@yahoo.com