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Friday, December 08, 2006

Yup, its South America and then the Good Ole US of A

But being me I am taking the loooong round about way to Argentina....via a nice long lay-over in New York!

Here is a rough list of my list of flights / layovers:

Brussels to New York 8 h 25 m
New York City 10 h 2 m
New York to Argentina 10 h 30 m
Argentina 1 week
Argentina to New York 10 h 25 m
New York 8 h 20 m
New York to Chicago 2 h
Chicago 2.5 days
Drive to Michigan 3 h 30 m to 5 h (gotta love traffic)
Michigan ~2 weeks
Michigan to Chicago 54 m
Chicago to Brussels 8 h 5 m

I'm spending over 40 hours in planes, and probably over 10 hours sitting in airports not counting the New York layover of 18 hours in total where I hope to go into the city and explore / shop.

I am going to be exhausted but so much to look forward to I hope to make it on adrenalin alone!

I am going to meet up with Vik while I am in Argentina which is very exciting!

I still need to pack......its almost 11 and I leave for the airport at 7:15ish tomorrow morning. I will throw whatever I can find in the suitcase and walk out the door in the morning! I'm still debating on what projects to take with me. Unfortunately I did not make it to the book store to pick up and books so I will be relying on airplane entertainment and my crafty projects to keep me entertained. Am I there yet??????


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