Thursday, March 22, 2007

Caught between goodbye and I love you......

Not really sure why this song is in my head, it just is. The Carpenters are always a good listen!

Only thing I've been thinking of ditching lately is the I-Pod *gasp* What? Yup, I'm getting rid of my I-Pod this summer....just to upgrade less than a year after I bought the first one! I've maxed my 30 GB out to the maximum capacity and of course I can not delete any song.....I just might be in the mood to listen to it one day and be totally upset when its not there!

Oh, yeah. And the job. I often wonder if its really all worth it. The distance from family and friends. The insane hours. The lack of personal time. Expensive yarn. (had to put that one in)

Darn it! I've been really whinny lately! Apologies....and apologies for the apologies.

What is this blog supposed to be anyways? Its a tracking of my voyage into the realm of fiber arts. And I would say a look at the progress I am making in the fiber art skill sets. April 5th is coming which is my 2 year anniversary. I do need to do something again for that day......perhaps another contest. Will think on it and let y'all know!

I joined the Kitchen Swap over at Fiber Freaks. yeah, I said no more swaps but I could not resist this one! An added bonus.......I'm swapping with Mimi! I need to get busy thinking of something superb and spectacular to send over to her!

I did actually find time to work on my WIPs last night. I was jumping around, but I did make some significant Monkey progress, along with working on my Crazy Stitch dishcloth, and the Broomstick lace scarf.

I also saw a few more last night that I forgot on the list........ugh! But as Su says "variety is the spice of life"


Deneen said...

My blog started out as a fiber thing, but heck it's my sounding board and it listens so much better then anyone and besides, it allows me to put feelings into words and sometimes just doing that makes it better.

I envy the traveling you do and how "free" you are, but I also fully understand your dilemma. Hugs to you.

Mimi said...

I also understand Kimberly, looking at it from my dear Sister's point of view. She's quite content with her job now in London, but I know how tough it is being away and its been more than a year since she left home and now she cant wait to vacation here in July. I know how much she is torn apart between missing family and friends here, against having freedom and independence in U.K. and (being in love with her European boyfriend), the big chance of settling there...