Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Plodding along...

As my co-wrokers are saying I am way too happy to have been working for 2 solid weeks every day, often until 11,12 and my latest night 1:30! But I feel its either smile and luagh or break down in a little ball curled up in the corner and crying out of sheer frustration and overwhelmtion (I don't think that is a word, but it should be if not!)

I did find time on Saturday to sneak away from my computer while a report process was running and head down the street to the yarn shop. Where I picked up several balls of Noro to make cabled hat (out of season, but I'm strating early for next year!) and a find that has made me SUPER happy!

While its still not SnC or PnC, I found Coats Lyric cotton which is an 8-ply, 70m, 50g cotton yarn that has a similar feel to it as SnC. It is slightly smaller I think, but not enough on the ruler to be noticeable, although it does work a little bit differently than the SnC I think. I only picked up 8 skeins at the shop, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be going back for more!

While trying to shove at least a little bit of food into me last night before going to bed after I got home, I started counting all of the WIPs that I could see...I'm embarrassed to say that from my table I counted 10 WIPs in various states......that includes the 2 new ones that I started this weekend....I have to stop this madness.

My goal is to try to cut that list in half over the next week. Here are the projects that I think could be reasonable to finish (ie they are not a massive project that would require more time than I have available):

Peach Doily ***
Triangle Potholder *
Monkey (1 of 2) **
Hat ***
Sideways B-lace Scarf (& the pattern written and posted) *
Crazy Stitch Potholder **
Cabbage Patch Bathing Suit *
Baby Slippers *

* = small time required
** = moderate time required
*** = large time required

This is 8 of them.....will see what I can accomplish! Those that I know I can not finish - Cross Stitch sampler, Baby Afghan

Happy Crafting!


Deneen said...

Yay for finding the cotton. I actually prefer using finer cotton for my washcloths, etc. It just looks much smoother (to me anyway).

See you even have a Noro connection!

Kimberly said...

Yeah, the Noro is easy to find, although it is more expensive here than in the US...everything craft related is morr expensive here it seems!

Wendy said...

That lyric cotton sounds cool! Tony is just as busy as you...don't get too stressed out.

Pink said...

Take it easy whenever you can...and don't stress over too many WIPs, after all, variety is the spice of life...or so I've been told!