Friday, March 02, 2007

Pictures pages...time to get your crayons and your pencils!

Sorry that I've not been blogging much - working 14 hour days at work is killing me! I am not even taking my computer home at night. I scan through bloglines quickly every day, but can not take too much time to comment - I am reading though!!
My nephew's Dragon "Charzon" (he named it) is completed! I started on my nieces purple one, but it was looking like Barney, which is a no-no for my BIL's house! I have convinced her that the dragon can be pink, although she is requesting a red tail and that it be named Dora!
The pattern is located here: I found it to be a really easy and fun pattern! Put it on your to-do list!

Here is an ornament stocking that I made from a pattern sent to me by my friend in Texas...sorry that its sideways....tilt the head =) Its not perfect by any means, but I'm happy with it! My knitting skills are slowly progressing. I used some Carmencita Acrylic Yarn that Mimi sent me a while back when I placed an order for thread from her!

Here is a picture of my wonderful present prize from Yasmin..... apologies for the bad color - the pictures are taken on my cell phone. The Doily is a wonderful purple color!!

That is all for now. I've been working more on my youngest niece's baby blanket....she just might get it as her first birthday present in July! I am not quite half done. I am using the Fanned Feather Afghan for Baby pattern and I've done about 10 repeats out of a needed 25 or so! I'm going to try to finish at least one repeat a week until I go home in July.....that calculates to 18 additional repeats....perfect!

I am setting a few goals for my upcoming months crocheting......finishing at least one doily a month (already behind with no February) buying no new patterns until July, finishing at least one new pattern a month from a book I already own, finishing all of my WIPs, writing 4 new patterns in 2007. Is it all possible...I don't know, but at least having some goals might push me in the right direction with my crafting!


Jenny Moore said...

Those really are some lofty goals! I wish you the best of luck! Can't wait to see what patterns you come up with...

The dragon and stocking are both adorable. Was the dragon hard? I've been thinking of trying my hand at it. My chinese zodiak is the dragon and I have always been fascinated with them. Maybe if it goes well I'll make a couple for my nephews. hehe.

Pearlin said...

Charzon is soooo cute!!!

Mimi said...

Kimberly, that dragon is adorable!
The knitted stocking is cute, and I find that tilting my head is good exercise ;) I'm so glad you were able to use my acrylic yarn, and your knitting is really good!
I hope you can take it easy on the work, have more time to crochet and have more fun ;)

Pink said...

The dragon and stocking are so cute, you did a great job.

Try not to work too hard, those Europeans never let up, it seems!

BTW, the word verification thingy reads "kkzag", which for some reasons makes me giggle...must be the 'zag' part, huh?

Mae said...

Very Nice Blog !



Netter said...

Kimberly~ I was just passing through when I noticed the little stocking ornament on your page. I do a christmas ornament exchange with all my high school girl friends and I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm new to knitting but I think I could handle the stocking. Is there anyway I could get the directions for the stocking from you? Please drop me a line: asknetter1970 at aol dot com