Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things continue to go along here in the Maison de Kimberly. Saturday night my car was broken into - passenger door glass shattered, glove box contents strewn across the car.......what was stolen? Absolutely nada! Sheesh - I had a few CDs - must not have been their taste in music, my I-pod car radio transmitter (not expensive but not imported from US as not sold here), a really nice pair of shoes (wrong size perhaps)....they did not even steal the radio!

All the hassle of having to go to the police station, call the carglass company, deal with the paperwork and I don't even have the fury over having something stolen! I told the policeman that I wished they had at least stolen the radio, then I could have gotten a better one.....he came back with saying perhaps it could have been the car and then I would have gotten a new one of those instead.

I am busy working on a Round Ripple baby afghan. I am using 2 strands of Bernat yarn in pastel colors and slowly changing them out. Looking good so far!

The new job is not keeping me that busy so I am busy working on the old job a lot. It looks like I'll be doing more and more for the old job than I am for the new one...until October at least! Still not sure what I will be doing next - staying in Belgium, moveing back to the US, moving to a different country....the options are all out there, its just deciding what I want to do from a professional career and development standpoint versus balancing my family and the bf. *sigh*

I think that is it for today - everyone take care and I'll be posting some pictures soon!


Mimi said...

Yes, it would have been better if they stole something (or the car) since you have insurance anyway. But it is strange, maybe he was hoping to find cash?...
Be extra careful.

Jenny Moore said...

Sorry to hear of the break in. I would be pissed too! Take care of yourself out there!

Yasmin said...

Sorry to hear of the break in! Luckily for you,you didn't catch them red handed...could have been dangerous for you! You take care of sound so scary !

Books, Hooks, Sticks & stuff said...

I'm sorry to hear about the break-in of your car. But cars can be replaced very easily -- at least you were not in the car at the time!

Your round ripple baby afghan sounds very intriquing. . .could you post a picture? I would love to have the name of the pattern & designer so that I could try to locate the pattern here in the US. . I have tons of yarn & have many baby showers coming up so a "unique" gift would be terrific.

Have a great day,


Darlene said...

Living outside the US sound sweet but I guess it could get ordinary too.

My job keeps me way busier than I want to be but is really rewarding.

I'll take some of the extra time you have on your hands. I need to start on some christmas projects in order to get them done in time but am having a hard time finding the time.

Like reading your blog. Posted you as a favorite on my blog.

Take care.