Monday, August 27, 2007

I got the It's Another Monday Blues...oh yeah

Ugh! Have I mentioned that I really do not like Mondays? I can deal with any other day in the week, but me and Mondays just don't mesh well!

Not a whole lot happening this week. The new temporary boss is off travelling around to the different countries so I am holding down the fort so to speak. The new Finance Manager starts next week so I'll be training him for a while....I feel like half of my life is spent training people!

Some folks from the US are in town this week on Wednesday for a training / information exchange which should be a good session hopefully.

Many thanks to Wendy for the type of tree that Maurice is (an Elephant Foot Tree) now I know how to properly care for him!

I've been slowly taking pictures and putting my stash on ravelry....I am a little bit over halfway done....its startling to see exactly how much yarn / thread one really has! I've elected not to take pictures and post the mystery skeins which I have a fair few floating about. I've also seen from the pictures that my storage techniques are beating the ball band wraps and making them look all torn and crumpled....oh well - its just the wraps right? I've actually bumped into some yarn that I've forgotten that I had! Bonus finds =)

I was in a Christmas Ornament exchange over at C'ville - I'll post the pictures of the ones I made for Becky as soon as they have arrived to her. Since I finished hers up, I've had an urge to start making more and more ornaments which I have manage to withstand. But I fear it's a losing battle....I've decided this year instead of bows, I'll use handmade ornaments as my decorations, so the upside is that I'll have a jump start on Christmas present decorations right? PLUS I'll use up some of my stash.....double bonus!

Okay, work is calling and I really want to get some things finished quickly this afternoon so I can get home at a decent time for a change!

Have a wonderful week!

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