Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well, Miracles never cease!

Here it is, the proverbial you know where freezing over. My 3rd finished item this week.....there I was on a super long dry spell and then wham! I guess it is because of my project ADD - I never want to work just on one thing but skip around between several working just a little bit on each one at a time so no progress is ever really made until one day they are popping out of the wood work being finished!

So, here he is. May I present to the blogging community Monsieur Monkey....
I will say he is not as cute as what the picture in the book showed....perhaps because of my crocheting skill I don't know. His arms seem too long and gangly in real life and his legs to short and squatty. But hes finished and the little guy he is going to should not care!

Pattern Book: Crochet Les Doudous by Cedrine Armani (written in French)
Thread: DMC Petra Size 5 Cotton
Hook: Steel Size 2
Time: On and off for 3 months
Happiness: 6 out of 10

Now don't go holding your breath waiting for the apocalypse to happen tomorrow with another finished item from me. I am going to go through my crate of WIPs and start frogging some of them that I know I am not going to touch / finish. I am almost positive there is nothing in the crate that is even close to being done, but we could all be pleasantly surprise with another WIP....and I could win the lotto tonight as well!

Ta-ta for now - happy crafting!


Mimi said...

I think he's just as cute as the one in the book, only the photo angle is different. Good job on the pattern!

Deneen said...

He looks terrific! You are on a roll!

MOM said...

Received your voice mail and am VERY proud that you took your Mom's advice and are at least thinking about finishing up your started projects before you attempt anything new, which will undoubtably find a corner in your apt. to sit in and grow dust bunnies. ps. Monsier Monkey is really cute.

DAD said...

The Monkey is real cute and congrats for finishing up ANOTHER project. Its real nice your finally finishing up some long started projects. Now if you could just get your self to finish up on them as you start them then we are making headway. Its called follow thru. lol. It looks great and sure who ever gets it will love it. Nice going Princess.


Vera H. said...

He's so cute!

Jenny Moore said...

Loving on the monkey! he looks great! way to go on finishing up some of your WIPs...i desparately need to do the same thing.

and on a totally different note - i picked up the orange rooibos today (since i'm in houston where there is a store and i already had the carribean breeze) and that stuff is just amazingly delectible on its own! great suggestion, thanks! oh yeah, and i'm still waiting for that promised