Monday, December 03, 2007

Ihad a great time in Zurich (aside from the whole work aspect which was tiring with tons of meetings with all of my new colleagues) and had a blast spending time with Zori and two other friends - Suzy & Leen. Here is a picture of me and Zori:

I find it funny that when I open the fridge in the office in Zurich, that this is hat I see:

Of course we found time to visit a yarn shop in the Old City of Zurich called Hand Knit......yes, I broke my yarn diet and bought some new yarn; *sigh* let the diet start again.

In honor of our love of yarn and wool and all things sheepie, we bought each other hand made Sheepies from a cute little Doll & Animal shop next to the Yarn Shop. Here are our guys right before I left to come back to Belgium:

And finally, here is the results of the snowflake and 2 more coasters:

I have some new patterns to show off along with what I am currently working on, but that will wait until I am more awake (its almost midnight).

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Deneen said...

Love the coasters and snowflake!

Mimi said...

You and Zori look inseparable...and even your sheepies, how cute!!!
Good work on the snowflake and coasters :)

Bron said...

Ditto what Deneen said - those are awesome coasters!

Thanks for the pix of your life too - it's always interesting to see what you're up to & where you are. :)

PeWee said...

Snowflake and coasters are beautiful! So are you and Zori! What a great time, I'm envious!

Vik said...

Great picture of my two friends!!!
That yarn shop looks... delicious! Awww the sweet swiss sheeps!

leen said...

yippee found your blog again (actually the other one and then this one). zurich indeed was good fun, was great catching up.

greetings from bern