Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crafting continues in Zurich

I am in Zürich all of this week (hence why I've not been posting much and commenting on blogs....the company has blogger and wordpress now blocked so while I can post via an e-mail, and read via bloglines, I can not comment yet....they will come on Sunday hopefully!

I've had a good few days meeting all of the new folks that I will be working with as well as talking to the old folks who are also based here. During each of the 4 meetings I have had so far the same question was asked....

"So when are you moving here to Zurich?"

To which I gave a rather vague and convoluted answer with long run-ons and slight pauses....basic gist of my answer was that I can not move right now due to personal reasons, but that I would still consider moving if my personal situation (the BF can not move) was cleared up.

As for the crafting, I am in the process of making another hat. This one the Basket Weave hat found also on Kody May's site:

I am using Gedifra Airmix in a charcoal gray for my boyfriend after he complained the other day that I was always making things but never anything for him. If he loses it (he has a habit of losing things, including a sweater I gave him and one of my umbrellas (thankfully a cheap 2€ one) I will probably strangle him..... I can see the headlines now "American strangles boyfriend for losing his hat" you think I can make a long chain and attach it to his coat like people do with children and their mittens?

I'm also working on some more coasters and the lantern potholder, hopefully some more finished items soon!

I am going to be visiting the yarn store here in Zürich Saturday.....I'm going to try not to buy anything, but I've never bought yarn here before! So perhaps just a little bit! =)


kathy said...


PeWee said...

Attach the hat to the coat, definitely!

Kimberly said...

lol - I am seriously thinking of attaching it. Otherwise he just might be seriously injured if he loses it!

Anonymous said...

No Kim, The real question is WHEN are you moving back stateside??? That is the question that everyone here wants to know, forget Zurich honey, USA is here and waiting for our Kimmers, especially your family. Love all the cute things you're working on, keep up the good work. It's a good thing Meti likes his hat otherwise he just might be eating it. tehe