Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, That's my fun day......

So what have I accoplished today? Not a whole lot.

Two more rounds on my Baby Round Ripple....I'm to the point that its monotonous to finish a round. It will get done though.....5 more rounds to go.

I finished one of Mimi's Poinsetta Coasters.... I think that it turned out wonderfully! I just might need to make a whole set...or two...or three.....

And I finished another Crazy Cloth (are you all getting sick of seeing these yet?) Which I made using two different colors instead of just one.....

I do believe that will be all for this weekend. Here are the sources for all of the recently made patterns:

Crazy Cloth -
Cupcake -
Poinsetta Coaster
Cabled Clutch - Can be found in the pattern book "101 One Skein Wonders" - note that pattern has errors in books which are easily found, or I have found the pattern on-line as well here:
Turtle Pattern - Sorry - this pattern is no longer available on-line that I can find

Happy Crafting!


Mimi said...

That is so delightful to see, Kimberly! (I even thought that was one of mine ;)
I will have to borrow your pic too and add it to my next photo gallery post :)

monART said...

Thanx for dropping by on my blog and what a nice supprise to see you've tried out the crazy cloth as well. And yes I tried it out in 2 colours too. I still have to post pics. I enjoyed making it after speding some time figuring it out, then it was addictive, I've made 9 in the mean time for gifts. Have a great weekend!