Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm still here

I've been really busy and while that is my excuse, it should not be the reason that I am AWOL - I really need to find the time to post more!

I've been busy working on several projects, including a scarf from the July 1978 Workbasket. I am going to clean my craft area this weekend and make a firm list of my WIPs / goal is to finish 50% of them by the end of the month. I am also on a strict yarn diet. I won't say exactly how much I've spent on yarn & accessories the past month, but its a staggering amount when I looked at my credit card (does not include those I paid cash for - eek!) I really want to start using up some of my stash.....either that or actually selling some of it off would be a good thing!

Christmas....I am torn on what to make for Christmas gifts this year. I don't really have time to make everyone something, and nor would it be appreciated I think. I had a negative reaction to my Ice Skate ornaments so even my idea of making those and embroidering on everyone's initials and using as gift tags is not going to happen.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!


BeadKnitter said...

I joined the Yarn Addicts ring a couple weeks ago. Is there a way to contact you about ring inquires?

Linda Jo

Anita said...

WHAT?! WHO had a negative comment about the ice skate ornament?! Don't let those "bah humbugs" get you down! They are too cute for words! Just don't give one to "the mouth."

Personally, I'm too afraid to spend any kind of money on yarn without a project in mind and then what if I mess up? It's way to stressful, so I stick with my stuffied and WW.

Mimi said...

You could think of your yarn as a collection, esp. since you bought it from different parts of the world ;)
I think your handmade gifts are still going to be appreciated by those dear to you.

DAD said...

Hi Daughter
Not sure why Wrist Warmers? Sure as H_ _ _ not my wrist I want to keep warm. :). How about head bands to keep your ears warm or wool socks for your feet? or even a hat for your head. But long as your having fun and not in the bars then go for it Princess.
Love ya