Thursday, November 15, 2007

Email Blog Posting

This is a test message to see if I can post to my blog via an e-mail......the company is cracking down on external sites, and Blogger is one of the now banned sites, so no more posting during my lunch break unless I can find a work around!

I've been working and have almost finished a stash buster project. I picked out one of the projects from the One-Skein Wonder book that I bought in the US a while back.

My choosen project is the Quick & Classy Cabeled Cluthc which I made with just over 1 skein of Ornaghi Filati LAND in white. I had binded to block and add the handles and then I'll be done! Hopefully it will be just right to use as a little holiday purse......all signs are pointing yes!

Yay! It worked!

Here are the pics of the current project:

Clutch 1a Clutch 1b

Off to work some more on the Round Ripple....the clutch can wait until the weekend to be finished!


Linda said...

Wee, gee! I have that book, but I didn't realize that it had a cabled purse in it. I do love cabled purses. I need to go locate that pattern right now.

Mimi said...

The purse is looking lovely...those cables are amazing!

PeWee said...

Nice job on the post via email!

Kathy said...

The purse looks fantastic & I totally have to purchase that book!! Btw, great job posting via email!