Monday, November 12, 2007

Another weekend over......

and another week begins.

So there I was yesterday, doing laundry, a little bit of cleaning and organizing and then it hits me. I'm going to the UK the next day. How can I forget something like that? There goes all of my plans for the week and I'm now sitting in the UK. I'm only here for 2 days, but I have a ton to get accomplished as I am in the process of handing over files and processes and trying to get all of them in good shape before I do.

The weekend went well. I am happy to report that I found Mister N....he was hiding out in a bag with a slender little F hook.....has a little thing going on the side.....lets hope that Mrs. N does not find out about that one!

I did not finish anything.....worked 2 rounds on the Ripple, a few rounds on the Crazy Cloths, started a stash buster project. I've decided that for my stash busting I am going to start by using up the oldest yarns that I have. So I'm on quests to find the best projects for each of them. Luckily I have some projects already in mind, including more Crazy Cloths for the cotton that I have.

Okay, may everyone have a wonderful week!


Angel said...

I have no idea how you keep up with anything considering how busy you are!!

Vik said...

Did I tell you that I use your Garterlac Dishcloth every day? The colors: white - yellow - blue match perfectly with my kitchen! -and you had no idea about the colors-

PeWee said...

At least you didn't forget about the trip all together!!

Shame on you, Mr N!