Thursday, November 08, 2007

Calling Mister N!!!

If anyone has seen my Elusive Mister N, could you please tell him that I am looking for him desperately so that I can finish my Round Ripple? He has gone AWOL and while his fellow hooks claim that he is in the apartment, I have to say that Mister N has left the building....probably jumped out the window along with all of my Elusive Number 7 Steel Hooks which seem to disappear faster than an ice cream cone in July.

Last night was not a good night for crocheting....every time that I went to find one of my WIPs, something was missing....hook, yarn, pattern, the WIP itself.

I am trying to update my Ravelry page with my WIPs....added the following four today from what I snapped pictures of last night:

Yet another Crazy Cloth, this one done also with Anchor Magicline and a F hook....its now a little over half way done - should be finished tonight (Stash Buster)
A Crazy Cloth...this one done with a D hook and Cotton 8 bought here in Belgium....this one is about 25% done and should be finished this weekend. I also have a Crazy Cloth with this yarn in a dark Magenta being worked on at work......since I never have down time at work, that one will probably be finished by the end of 2008!
A Lace Scarf from the July 1978 Workbasket Magazine, the first pattern done using a lot of Workbaskets I won on E-bay during the Spring....more to come as I start Stash busting!
Yet another Stash Buster, Irish Hiking Wristwarmers done with Airmix..nice, warm and soft! I will probably make these both one repeat longer than called for in the pattern.

More stash busting WIPs to come.....I really want to use up some of this yarn. I bought while last in the US a pattern book "One Skein Wonders" which should help me to get rid of some of this yarn!


PeWee said...

Ohhhh Mister N, where are you? Your WIPs are beautiful.

Vik said...

I know exactly how you feel! I waste so much time looking for missing things here...
I see we´re all very busy, it´s the season of secret projects!

Linda said...

I have yet to make one of your crazy cloths. After seeing your new ones I remembered how much I wanted to give it a try.
Things are always disappearing here. I used to blame it on gremlins.