Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello from Paris!

I drove to Paris this morning - easy drive, and I am now sitting in the subburbs at our office here, and tomorrow it is off to the mountains and a week of skiing!
I am very excited about going skiing, although after my day skiing last week in Switzerland, I know that I am going to be VERY sore after 6 days....perhaps I'll lose some weight during this time - I can hope!  =)
I did not really pack any projects to take with me - I threw in a doily I am working on at the last minute, but just did not feel the mood.  I am looking forward to just relaxing and skiing and not thinking about work.....well, not thinking about it after my call on Monday that I need to take.....well, 2 calls actually.  No rest for the weary that is for sure.

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