Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A look back at 2008....

Part of the whole making resolutions each year is to look back at what was accomplished or as the case may be not accomplished during the previous year.

Before I go into a huge self analysis on my resolutions from 2008, I thought to show you 2 of the final 2008 projects that I made.....

First up is the Santa Cloth that I made for my Mom. Done in Katia Cotton in red:

Second is a hat made with some of the yarn I bought in 2006 in Argentina:

Now on to the 2008 failures and successes. The whole resolution list can be found here from last year: http://cityofcrochet.blogspot.com/2008/01/first-post-of-2008.html

Resolution #1: Yarn on Top 10 List: Only used 5 of the yarns - Failed
Resolution #2: 52 Projects: Over 56 if you count the yarn food - Succeeded
Resolution #3: 26 Projects with Stash Yarn: Done thanks to yarn food - Succeeded
Resolution #4: No more yarn bought: Bought way too much: Failed
Resolution #5: 2 Projects KPAD & CPAD: Failed
Resolution #6: Finish all existing WIPS: All either finished or frogged: Succeeded
Resolution #7: Weight Loss: Gained more - Failed
Resolution #8: Travel to 2 Places To Visit Before I die: Went to 6 - Succeeded
Resolution #9: Travel once per month - Succeeded
Resolution #10: Decision to go back to US: Made in May - Succeeded

Well, 60% or 2 out of 3 (just about) ain't bad! =) #4 was set out to fail - how could anyone not buy any yarn?

I still need to think about resolutions for 2009, perhaps some repeats from 2008 will occur, and hopefully all will be a challenge but more reachable than 2008's resolutions!

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PeWee said...

You did great with your 2008 resolutions! Wishing you just as much success in 2009!