Sunday, June 18, 2006

Football mania continues.....

This is such great fun! After watching Argentina win last week I was back rooting for them again on Friday! Myself and Zori left work early to go watch the match.....what a match it was! For those of you who missed the match (even if you are not big into football (soccer) I would HIGHLY suggest that you watch the highlights that FIFA has posted on their web site! Here is a link click on Video -> Watch the highlights located on the right side of the screen, and select the Argentina vs Serbia-Montenegro game! What amazing goals! Oh yeah, the final score was SM 0 and Argentina.......6!!!!!!!!! And while you are there, you should check out the US versus Italy highlights...After drawing (what they call a tie in fottball) we are still in the running to be able to go on in the next round! Go USA! Vamos Argentina!!

After watching the first USA match where we lost 0-3 against the Czech Repulbic I really did not hold out much hope for my team to make it. Lets be honest, the US is NOT a football orientated country....American Football for sure, but Soccer? Not a chance! Lots of little kids play football in America until they realize about ager 10 or 12 that the 'American' sports are the place where the fame and the money is! Little do they realize that football stars are idolized outside of the US. Take a look at Ronhaldino from Brazil, David Beckham from the UK....and of course the greats like Pele and Maradona. Off that soap box! But what an awesome performance against a world-class team like Italy! After three red cards and the US playing 9 men versus 10 for the second half of the game, the US team showed what team-work and pure American grit and determination can achieve. while a win would have been icing on the cake, a draw allows America to stay in the running with Italy needing to beat the Czech Republic and America to win their next match against Ghana.

Can we do it? I think that anything is possible for the Red, White and Blue!

Here are a few shots of the next American soccer stand out...granted the world will need to wait about 13 years before he hits the international scene, but he will be there...if his Aunt Kim has anything to say about it! *grin*


And just so she won't feel left out, I present to you Princess Megan....or as she will often tell you....."I'm not Megan...I'm Princess Cinderella!"



MrsFife said...

Welcome back to the world of the living er, blogging!

And you're forgetting the goalies (in your count of players...;)


DAD said...

My Grand Kids are fantastic looking. Not to mention PERFECT.

Vik said...

Go Argentina tomorrow Saturday!!!

PS Your dad´s comments always make me smile. He´s so nice!

Anonymous said...

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