Saturday, June 03, 2006

I really AM still alive!

Hey everyone!

Yes, its me! Your favorite globe trotter! I am still alive and kicking!

It continues to be crazy here. I am travelling 100% for work right now with visits to Brussels and my belongings on the weekends! I've been bitching about living in hotels, but I guess that I am lucky to have a job and extremely lucky to be living in Europe! But even realizing that I am blessed, I still think that it is fair that I am bitching about living out of hotels....I zould be bitching just the same if I was living in Chicago and having to commute to Detroit and stay in hotels their all week!

I am still in negotiations over my promotion and location....once thats finalized, the travelling etc should hopefully calm down some! It will have to otherwise I will go insane!

I am back to Zurich on Monday and it looks like I will be staying next weekend there as well! Kim is having a housewarming party so I am going to attend that and beg a sofa space off of her! :) Although since she has threatened me with bodily harm if I even think of going back to Brussels and missing her party, I don't think that I will have to be begging too hard! *grin*

I finished a doily this week in Zurich, along with having my boucle wrap finally almost done - a few more repeats and it should be long enough! I've decided that it is just not for me, so I am now trying to decide if either of my Grandmothers will ike it....I am sure that they will like it for the fact that I made it, but I am not sure if they will like it for themselves to use! Will think on it for a while!

How is everyone else doing? I am giving up on bloglines....I have an insane number of blogs to read - will try to get back into blog reading and catch up on everyones lives - miss you all!!!


Deneen said...

I was just thinking about you!

The travel sounds crazy, but fun-really.

Shame about the boucle wrap, but that happens to me all the time, I hate or dislike something halfway through and end up giving it away.

Take care

Sara said...

I was thinking of you too! Glad to hear you are still around.

Mimi said...

Also glad to hear from you Kimberly!

Jewels said...

Hey Kimberly - hang in there girl. You do have a busy travel life. Nice to see you.

Vik said...

I was absent for more than a month too... Nice that we re-appear at the same time!

ladylinoleum said...

Kimberly! So glad to hear/read that you're still around and enduring your faboo globetrotting/crocheted existence!!! Awesome to have you back!