Monday, June 12, 2006

Weather, football and General updates

Its a heat wave folks! What a& gorgeous weekend that we had here in Brussels, and it looks like it is going to continue - woo hoo!! The temperature yesterday here was a whopping 84° F....I'm sure many of you are thinking - bah! 84° is nothing! But for a country whose average temperature at this time of year is 67°, its a heat wave! Sunny blue skies instead of gray rain....what a great change! I spent most of the weekend in bars and on terraces.

Yes, I just said that I spent the weekend in bars and terraces! Why you ask? Well simple, its the World Cup! I adore soccer, and this years World Cup looks to be like an exciting few weeks of soccer, soccer and more soccer...or as they properly say it in Europe, Football! The opening games have already shown that this years cup should involve more goals and excitement as countries battle it out for the right to brag that they have the world's best football team! I will be leaving work as soon as possible tonight as the US is playing against Czech Republic! Go USA!!!

Vik - you will be glad to note that to the Argentina versus Ivory Coast I proudly wore the Argentina Jersey as I sat next to Zori cheering on the team! And I must say that even though he did not play, number 8 is cute!!¨ *grin*

My friends yesterday had decided that I would be rooting for Serbia-Montenegro before the game started, and of course they were right! I'm sad that they lost to Holland - they played a much better second half than the first half! Two more games to go though - will be tough on who to root for - them or Argentina! Hmm....who has the cuter team? *grin*

I have finally gotten around to mailing out all of my outstanding packages for swaps etc. I am so happy to have that off my back - yes, I was slacking but it was impossible to get to the Post Office. Hopefully everyone has gotten their packages by now....will have to check with them and see!

On the Yarn front - I have been working on testing a shawl pattern of Melissa's. It is going fairly well so far. I am using some sport weight pinky yarn that I bought a while back in Ireland. I had thought to make a blanket using it, but realized that I probably would not have enough , so this project has turned out perfect to use it for!

Have a great week everyone!!


Vik said...

LOL The whole country is waiting for tomorrow and the game against Serbia and Montenegro! My Gosh, I don´t remember right now who #8 is? Pablo Aimar? He dated a friend of mine some years ago, he´s cute! Send my regards to Zori! Keep in touch you!

Vik said...


# 8 is Mascherano, you´re right, he´s cute (but he´s not the only one!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Europe must be going crazy with World Cup soccer! How fun!