Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pictures, pictures everywhere

Well I've been very bad about blogging, and very bad about pictures in general! So to modify that one.... (Not the best pictures, but they are something!)

First up, a picture of me and Russ when he came to Brussels a few weeks back to visit:

Next a picture of me and Zori taken that same night:

Finally a picture of the inside of the Cathedral at Bath - it was very pretty!

I am moving today....offices that is! And to add some salt into the wound of moving, this is a move back to the office that I just left a few months back! And to add to the moving saga, should I decide to stay in Belgium instead of moving to Zurich, I will need to move into a different office since I will be a manager then and maagers get their own office instead of sharing with another person! Argh! I might as well not unpack my moving boxes me thinks! *grin*


MrsFife said...

Oh, nice. Your own office! You can break out the hooks and yarn when you get some time (haha).

Dad said...

RUSS its really you?? Sure don't look like one of those cardboard cutouts. lol. got you Daughter. Thanks for Pictures there very nice. However you and Zorri need more DRESS. :)

Mimi said...

So nice to see your lovely pics, you're all so cute! I miss my younger

Vik said...

Congratulations Kim! (misfit is right! lol!)
Very nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of the catherdral. *sigh* You're living a fun and exciting life in Europe! Congrats on the move up to manager!

ladylinoleum said...

Look at how cute you look!