Thursday, May 17, 2007

All packed and ready to go!

My bags are packed and I'm heading out the door!

But before I go, here is my most recent this stage it was 1 row from being finished, it is now finished but no time to take a picture:

I'm bringing my camera, so be ready for lots of pictures when I get back!!!!!



Brandee said...

Those color changes in the middle bit are beautiful and so subtle. Did you use verigated, or actually change yarn? Good job.

Sara said...

WOWEE!! Is that the technique I was reading about at the 'ville?

knitphomaniac said...

ah, wonderfully pink granny square :) nice work!

Lazy Ant said...

When I saw it first it was already very nice but now it is beautiful. Congratulations. How is your wool shopping in Shanghai?
Big hugs

upa said...

Lovely colours!