Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WIP Wednesday.....I've got Fo's!

To update my extremely long WIP list:

Daisy Square * Finished
Triangle Potholder * Finished
Kitty Purse * Finished
Crazy Stitch Potholder ** Finished
Cross Stitch Wall Hanging ** Finished

Peach Doily ** 17 of 26 Rounds
Monkey (1 of 2) ** Only the legs and tail to go
Dragons (1 of 4) ** head & body done
^Dishcloth * 1/4th completed
^CPK Outfit ** Shoes & Pants done

Hat *** No updates
Baby Slippers * No updates
Doll Sweater *** No updates

* = small time required ** = moderate time required *** = large time required ^ = New project

Yeah, I started 2 new projects.....but I finished FIVE, count them - FIVE!! Of my WIPs. I am so excited to actually see some things getting finished!

Okay, okay, here come the pictures and details:

First up, my Charity Daisy Square:

Next, the Dishcloth with 26 ends to weave....the missing round would have made this into a square instead of having the zig-zag edging which I think is kinda cool. I am thinking on this pattern that there HAS to be a way to do this in a square (6 ends to weave) instead of triangular wedges (24-26 ends) up is to figure out how! The pattern was in a book I have...I'll try to post the book later.

Based on her input, a Kitty purse for my niece who insisted that it have a pink bow and a red handle.

My most recent Crazy Cloth Dishcloths, and where I have them hanging in my added to the hooks are the ones that I received from Mimi as well!

Thats it for the pictures for right now....I still need to get the pics of the Cross Stitch sampler (which still needs to be washed and framed, but that will happen in July when I'm in the US) which I'll try to post later today or tomorrow as well as pictures of what was in my mailbox today!


Mimi said...

Those are such lovely colors for the dishcloths, Kimberly! (cute hanger too)
The squares are pretty, great color choices as always ;)
The kitty purse is so adorable!

Jenny Moore said...

Gratz on all the FO's! Everything just looks marvelous. Simply marvelous.