Monday, May 07, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Here it is Sunday night.....errr Monday morning...and I swear I missed both Sat and the whole day on Sunday. It is crazy how fast they seem to fly by.

Purse update: It is still there in the shop...its been moved out of the window, but no one has bought it yet....I'll keep checking back and once I see its gone (perhaps I should say IF I see it gone) I will let you know.

I have been working on the crafty front. I finished a dishcloth, well almost. The pattern included a border that I did not like so I kept it since I had already weaved in 26 ends, I could stand the thought of weaving in another 2.

I really think that weaving in the ends is one reason why it takes me so long to finish all of my WIPs.....I'd just as soon leave a project 90% done just so I don't have to tie in the ends when I am finished.

The weekend has seen significant progress on a long outstanding WIP of mine...I think that I've been working on it for at least 3 years, and no, its not crocheted or knitted since I've only been doing those for 2 and 1 years respectively. I should finish it up in the next few days so pictures will be coming soon!

I've also finished my Daisy Charity square to send to Krystal. Take a look at her blog for the pattern details. She will gladly send you a copy of the pattern, the only stipulation is that you send her one finished square in return.

Have a great week will be coming soon!


MrsFife said...

You made a dishcloth which needs 26 ends woven in? Why?!!!!!

Kimberly said...

I'm not really sure why......I liked the pattern, and then when I realized the end implication I was already over 25% done.....never again!

MrsFife said...

Let's hope the designer never designed anything larger!