Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Arrived home safe and sound!

I had a great trip to Zurich and back. The weekend was spent with a co-worker - had great fun watchign movies, gossiping and catching up. The drive there went fast - only 5.5 hours, travelling through Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. I plugged my I-pod into the Radio transmitter, opened up a package of pretzel sticks and I was in business! The GPS system worked wonderfully too I might add! No need to look at a map!

The drive back was a little bit more exciting. It took in all 6.5 hours to get home due to going a different route (what was the GPS system thinking this time?) and traffic. The way home included the previous countries, plus Germany....which means AUTOBAHN!!! Vroom vroom! I will not say how fast I was going, but lets just say that in the US my license would have been suspended for a very long time! *grin*

A wonderful surprise (well I knew that it was coming) was waiting for me when I got back to Belgium. A while back I won a contest on Yasmin's blog. She sent me a wonderful little package. I'll have to put photos up later, but she send me a wonderful purple doily and a few other little items. Yasmin, thank you so very much for the wonderful little gift - I love it all!!! It has been wonderful reading your blog and getting to know you!

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Monet said...

Glad your home safe and sound! Found your blog through Cris Crochet's. Love your stuff! :)And lucky you on being able to live in differant places! Till next read!