Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It came once again......

Last year I prayed that it would not arrive and explained my whole philosophy on the dreaded V-Day But what do you know, its come once again and this year is worse for me due to the added strain of the boy friend.

Last night I explained ever so gently after he asked me if I wanted to go out together tonight to "get a beer" (very romantic boyfriend have I got) that my plans today were to go to work, and then go promptly home and sleep for the next 10 hours. I don't think he understood when I said "Je n'aime pas a demain" that I was referring to the holiday. He seemed puzzled and perplexed. I said that it was just another day. He replied that it was a holiday. I said that it was a stupid holiday an he gave me a look like I was insane.

Really folks. I can not stand this holiday. Granted, Sweetest Day makes me want to slit the wrists of the card marketing person who thought that one up, but Valentines Day comes in a close second for wanting to destroy the person who decided that it should be a commercial holiday.

Okay, I have been enjoying the Conversation Hearts that I picked up in the US. Chomping away. They do really need to come up with some that have Anti-Valentines messages on them. I.e. Go Away, Die, Leave Me, Its Over, I Hate You, Not!, No Way, Not Hot etcetera etcetera etcetera


Its almost over...only 12 more hours for me and then this day is done for yet another year.


Bron said...

You & me both, Kimberly! I wish everyone who likes Valentine's Day a good one, but as for me: Bah Humbug!

Kel said...

You know Kimberly, I also don't "celebrate" valentine's day.
I think it is ridiculous that we need a special day to show the ones we love how much we love them.....really, you should do that daily already. People look at me like I am crazy when I say this.
I don't need a day set aside to show my dh how much he means to me. Isn't it more special when someone does something for you unexpected?
Ok~ rant over =)
Have a great day regardless and I hope you get lots of sleep!

Kari said...

preach it sista!

umm your blog is showing up on bloglines with a red ! I came to check to see if you'd quit blogging then found out you had indeed been logging lol