Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dad...this posts for you!

My Dad has been whinning about not seeing a picture of my car. So this shows him the beast that I am driving right now.
It is an Audi A4 wagon, and lets just say that if it was not for the fact that it has a sensor on the rear bumper, parallel parking this would be an absolute nightmare! I live in the city, aside from a few spots behind the church, everything is parallel parking.
The car is a diesel (don't have many of those in the US anymore!) and is a stick shift (ditto the previous comment). I've really enjoyed driving the stick shift - makes driving a little bit more fun - it also keep you more aware of what you are doing.

Yeah, the car right behind mine is a Smart car......that lucky person! I can not count the number of spots I have to pass up because my car is just too big!


DAD said...

thanks Daughter
The Smart car looks really neat, and I'll let you drive and park mine when I get one. The white is not my most favorite color in those cars, prefer red or black. Thanks for showing it to me. lol
Oh thats right your car is the silver bus, sorry thats nice too for being a grocery getter or kid hauler. thanks again for showing everyone my Smart Car. Really think you should practice aiming your camera a little better, you cut my car off in half, and that takes work as not that much of it there. Oh well better luck next time Princess, remember to focus aim and click. Thank you again, your car looks nice but mine is practical and FUN to drive. (I hope)

Mimi said...

Ooh...I like that Kimberly! They're giving that same (or similar) model away at the Shell station, I should make sure my son drops the raffle stubs :)